Kenemeg Corp Your Property Tax Solution
Kenemeg CorpYour Property Tax Solution


Is your company licensed? 

Yes, Kenemeg is licensed by the Office of the Consumer Credit Commissioner.


What if I owe more than one year of property taxes?

We can make a loan that will bring both years' property taxes current.


How long does approval take?

Generally we will approve a loan within 5 business days of receiving a complete application.


What information do I need to supply with my application?

We will need proof of income and a mortgage statement.


Are there any up front costs or fees?

No, any costs will be rolled into the loan. 


When will my taxes be paid?

We will pay your taxes after the state mandated 3 day waiting (rescission) period.


What are the terms of a loan from Kenemeg?

We will work with you to determine a monthly payment amount with a term of up to 10 years. 


Can I prepay my loan?

Yes, you can make extra payments or pay off the loan in full at any time. There is no prepayment penalty for residential loans.


What happens if I am late making a payment?

We work closely with our clients to resolve any delinquencies before they become an issue. While foreclosure is rare in the industry, it is allowed under Texas state law.

Residential Loans

Let Kenemeg help you meet your property tax obligations with payments that will fit your budget.

Commercial Loans

Let Kenemeg design a program to meet your specific needs for the long term.

Fully licensed by the Office of the Consumer Credit Commissioner

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